An Illusion of Thieves
A Conjuring of Assassins

Glossary of the Chimera World

Old Costa Drago
Citizens of Cantagna
Foreign Citizens
Beings of Myth
The Nine Independencies

An Illusion of Thieves


Ascoltaré :   (ass-coal-TAH-ray) the Casting of the Nine Mysteries; traditional rite of augury;;
Ascoltaré needles:   needle-sharp etched bronze rods used in the divination ritual;
boon:   a license fee for use of land, ie. tariffs that benefit wealthy citizens;
ghiri:   (GEAR–ee) bundle of pomegranate twigs to put over windows and doors for good luck;
gora :   (GORE–ah) icy winter storms on the northeastern coast;
Great Abyss:   the abode of demons; the afterlife for the wicked and suicides;
judiciar:   (joo–DISH–ee–are) judge from the Philosophic Confraternity who has final determination in cases of sorcery;
mysenthe:   (my–SINTH–ay) a highly addictive pleasure drug;
nan or gammy:  grandmother
natalé:   (nah–TAH–lay) bronze or glass statuettes placed on the grave of a dead child to divert demons;
Night Eternal/Boundless Nightl:   oblivion; the gods retired here;
nullifier:   person charged with hunting down and capturing magic users;
philosophist:   member of the Philosophic Confraternity; academician, enforcer, defender;
praetorian:   (pray-TORE-ee-an) member of the military arm of the Philosophic Confraternity
Quarter Day:   The first business day of each season; the day after the solstice or equinox.
segno/segna:   (SEN-yo/SEN-yah) honorific for a gentleman/lady;
Sestorale:   (sess-tore-AHL) the twenty-one member governing council of Cantagna; nine are elected by the people; twelve are elected from candidates nominated by the great Houses of Cantanga;
segnoré/segnora; grand segnoré/grand segnora; :   (sen-YO-ray/sen-YO-rah) honorific for a head of a family (House) or for the head of a wealthy family (a great House);
sleugh:   (slew) metal threshold trough holding oil and water to deter the entry of demons;
sniffer:   male sorcerer-slaves who detect and follow magic use;
solet:   (SOUL–et) small standard size coin struck in silver or copper; 100 coppers to one silver;
teriaca:   (tare–ee–AH–cah) medicinal that supposedly protects against all poisons;

  The Hours
Hour of the Spirits:   3am; aka half-night;
Hour of Business:   6am; aka morning;
Hour of Profits:   9am; aka half-morn;
Hour of Respite:   3pm; aka half-day;
Hour of Gathering:   6pm; aka evening;
Hour of Contempation:   6am; aka half-even;


  Old Costa Drago
cederé:   (CHEH–dah–ray) yield;
cinque :   (CHEEN–kay) five;
essere ancora, lo spirito maligno:   (ESS–eh–ray ahn–CORE–ah low SPIH–ree–toe mah–LIG–no) "be still malignant spirit"; chanted by nullifiers as they approach sorcerers;
il Padroné: (eel pah-DROW-nay) the Master, ie a benevolent fatherly sort who grants favors;
l'scrittóre:   (el scree-TORE-ay) the scribe;
mago:   (MAH-go) sorcerer;
magrillaio:   (mah-grill-EYE-oh) butcher
maré:   (MAH–ray)sea;
scala ciondolante:   (skah-lah chee-OWN-doe-LAHN-tay) a very steep (dangling) staircase;
sigillaré:   (sih-jill-AH-ray) be sealed;
spada de lato:   (SPAH-dah day LAH-toe) arming sword (predecessor of rapier);
stronzo:   (SHTRON-zo) asshole;
tesure:   (teh–ZHU–ray) paymaster;
trattiere:   (trah–tee–YEH–ray) traitor;
riposa nella Notte Eterna:   (ree-POE-sah nell-ah NOT-tay eh-TARE-nah) rest in the Night Eternal;
fino al ritorno degli Dei Invisibili.:   (FEE-no ahl ree-TORE-no daily DAY-ee eenn-VEE-see-bee-lee) until the Unseeable Gods return;
vendetta omnia:   campaign of revenge that includes children, cousins, retainers, business partners, every remote connection;;


[name]–zha/[name]–zhi:   (zhah/zhee) polite way of using woman’s/man's personal name;
vaiya:   (vie-yah) butterfly;
kailing:   (KAY-ling) tidbits of meat, vegetables, noodles or whatever is available put together for a light meal;
naihi:   (nigh-hee) mama;
sainye:   (SAHN-yeh) pillar;
kieyu:   (KYAY-you) sedan chair;
tónf­ún:   (TAWN-FOON) gout;


deíxe éleos:   (DAY–ix ELL–yose) DAY–ix ELL–yose
dóse mou dynami:   (DOE–say moo DEE–nah – me) give me strength;
kyria :   (KIH–ree–uh) lady;
mystiko :   (MISS–tee–coe) secret;
okeanú:   (oh–kee–AH–nu) ocean;
síko páno:   (SEE–coe PAH – no)stand up;
skatá:   (SKAH–tah) shit;
synchorste tin apotychía mou:   (seen-core-ES-tay teen ah-POE-tee-HEE-ah MOW) forgive my failure;
synchorste tin adynamia mou:   (seen-core-ES-tay teen ah-dee-nah-ME-ah mow)forgive my weakness;
theíko patéra:   (TAY–ee–coe pah–TERR–uh)divine father;
theía mitéra:   (TAY–uh me–TERR–uh)goddess mother;
ton nisión:   (ton nee-SHON) from the islands;
tyflós:   (TEE-flee-yos) blind;
voíthisé:   (VOY–tee–suh) help;
xypna :   (ZEEP – nuh) wake up;



  Citizens of Cantagna
Romy:   (ROW-me) a former courtesan; aka Mistress Cataline, aka l'scrittóre of Lizard's Alley;
NEH–ree:   (NAIR–ee) Romy's fifteen-year-old brother;
Dolce, Cino:   (DOLE-chay, CHEE-no) the next oldest sister and brother of Romy and Neri's eight living siblings;

Placidio di Vasil:   (plah–SEED–dee–oh dee vah–SEAL) a professional duelist and swordmaster;
Bonaguido (Basha) Dumond :   (bow-nah-GWEE-doe dew-MOND) a metalsmith, painter, and sculptor;
Vashti:   (VAHSH-tee) A seamstress and needle artist; Dumond's wife;
Cittina:   (chih-TEE-nah) Vashti and Dumond's eldest (fourteen years) daughter;
Laleh, Aria and Enia:   (LAY-lah, AH-ree-ah, EH-nee-ah) Vashti and Dumond's younger daughters

Alessandro di Gallanos:   (gah-LAH-no-ss) a wealthy banker and segnoré of House Gallanos; aka il Padroné and the Shadow Lord;
Gilliette di Manvile-Gallanos:   (jih-lee-EHT dee MAHN-veel gah-LAH-no-ss)
Lodovico di Gallanos:   (low-doe-VEE-coe) Alessandro's deceased uncle, known as a depraved and ruthless man;
Cosimo di Mantegna:   (KAUS-ee-mo mahn-TAIN-yah) Alessandro's consigliere, his advisor in matters of the law;
Ettore:   (ET – or – ray) Alessandro's favored assassin and bodyguard; albino twin to Gigo;
Gigo:   (ZHEE-go) Alessandro's favored bodyguard; albino twin to Ettore;
Micola:   (MEE-koe-lah) a maidservant in Alessadro's household; Romy's former maidservant;
Lucci:   captain of a troop of mercenaries frequently hired by Alessandro;

Boschetti:   (boss–KEH–tee) an antiguities merchant;
Paola di Boschetti:   (PAH – oh – la) wife of Merchant Boschetti;
Rinaldo di Bastianni:   (rih-NALL-doe bah-stee-AH-nee) One of three Philosophist Directors of Cantagna's Philosophic Academie; an expert in sacred antiquities;
Basilio:   Germond the ironmonger's partner;
Germond:   an ironmonger; neighbor of Romy and Neri; Basilio's partner;
Fesci:   (FESS – key) Owner of the Duck's Bone Alehouse;
Pascal and Mekki:   friends of Vashti and Dumond; Dumond rents space in Pascal's forge;

Aventai:   lawyer; Romy's customer;
Alonzo di Cinetti:   a sleazy lawyer; Romy's potential customer;
Garibaldi:   a lawyer; Romy's customer;
Renzo:   a notary; Romy's customer;

Matteo di Berlinguer:   segnoré of House Berlinguer, which controls the docks and port traffic;
Rodrigo di Fermi:   (FAIR-me) segnoré of House Fermi;
Lucrezia di Fermi:   (lew-CRETZ-ee-ah) Rodrigo's wife;
Genevra di Gavonti:   segnora of House Gavonti, which owns the land where most of Cantagna's markets are situated;
Civenne die Longello:   segnora of House Longello,which historically controls the rules and operation of the city gates;
Vitalo di Malavesi:   boyhood friend of Alessandro; segnoré of House Malavesi, which owns river barges and warehouses;
Beatrice and Piero di Mesca:   wealthy Cantagnans; members of the Public Arts Commission;
Digo di Pizotti:   () segnoré of House Pizotti, which has a disreputable reputation;
Buto di Pizotti:   () Digo's nephew; cousin to Tartuno and Vesci di Pizotti;
Naldo di Savilli:   segnoré of House Navilli, descendant of the hereditary grand ducs of Cantagna;
Lorenz di Savilli:   Naldo's son and heir;
Arrigo di Secchi:   (SEH-chee)boyhood friend of Alessandro; segnoré of House Secchi, which controls the market in horses and the land apportioned for horse farms;
Falco di Taglino :   Governor of the Sestorale Prison;


  From Outside Cantagna
Eduardo di Corradini:   the grand duc of Riccia-by-the-sea;
Shadhi::   (SHAH-dee) the indigenous people of Paolin;
Cerelia Balbina Andreana di Vizio:   the tyrant Protector of Mercediare;


  Beings of Myth
Aea, Lady Virtue:   (AYE-ah) daughter of Atladu and Gione; twin to Espe;
Antigoneas of Sysaline :   (an – TIG – oh – NEE – us) legendary sculptor who cast his bronzes in the forge of the god Atladu in the drowned city of Sysaline;
Atladu:   (aht-lah-doo) god of sea and sky; retured after the Wars of Creation;
Chloni:   (CLONE-ee) the creator of stars;
Dragonis:   (drah-GO-niss) the beautiful monster; the First of Atladu and Gione's children, now prisoned under the Costa Drago and Sysaline; seeded the world with sorcery;
Espe, Lady Fortune:   (ESS-pay) daughter of Atladu and Gione; twin to Aea;
Gione:   (zhee-OH-nay) mother of earth and air;
Manadi:   (mah-NAH-dee) the huntress;
Veitan:   (VIE-tahn) the gateward for the passages between earth-sky-sea-the Night Eternal-the Abyss;



  The Nine Independencies of the Costa Drago
Argento :   (are–GEN (hard g)–toe)
Cantagna:   (khan–TAHN–yah)
Cuarona:   (kwah–ROAN–ah)
Invidia:   (in-VID-ee-ah) poor mountain independency;
Kairys:   (CARE–ees) heart of the cloth trade;
Mercediare :   (mer–SAID–ee–are) sprawling independency that includes two hundred islands;
Riccia–by–the–sea :   (REE–chee–uh) wealthy independency with a large standing army;
Tibernia:   (tie-BURN-ee-ah) port city;
Varela :   (vah–RELL–ah) coastal independency; home of explorers and fishermen;


  Other Lands
Eide:   (ide) distant land renowned for its sheep;
Empyria:   a desert land;
Hylides:   (HIGH-lih-dees) cluster of islands off the coast of Varela in the Mare Lacrimé - the Sea of Tears;
Isles of Lesh:   group of distant islands far into the Mare Lacrimé;
Lhampur:   (lom–POOR)land of high mountains;
Paolin:   (pah–oh–LIN) land of the Shadhi;
Sysaline:   (siss-ah-LEAN) city of myth; drowned when Dragonis was improsoned beneath the Costa Drago and the Sea of Tears;
Typhon:   (tie-fon) Ancient island nation renowned for art and culture, absorbed by Mercediare;
Umbrae Lunae:   (UHM-bray LOO-nigh)Typhonese city buried by a volcano;



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